P22: Adjusting the balance between person and space

Project brief

In this project, draw on your photography so far in this course and on the techniques you have learned, to vary the balance in any one picture situation. Aim to produce two images, using the same general viewpoint and composition, varying the balance of attention between the person (or people) and the setting they are in. You can combine this project with any of the relevant earlier ones, if you prefer.


P22-A: ISO 400, 24mm, 1/800@f8

In this first image, which is a ‘subject unaware’ shot, the man in the blue top dominates the scene by virtue of size, placement and colour.  (He is posing for a picture by his girlfriend in both these images).


P22-B: ISO 100, 24mm, 1/100@f8

In this second image the same activity is taking place but the viewer’s attention is now more on the scene and especially the sunlit background.  The man’s blue top still means the he is a significant figure but , the position and contrast of the man on the left hand third may make him the most prominent figure.  The fact that the foreground sunlight has dropped significantly, even though there were only minutes between the two exposures, has also helped to reduce the importance of the foreground.


Both these images were taken from the same position with the same focal length and yet they are quite different – objective achieved.

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