Project 19: A single figure small

Project brief

Shoot a single person so that they will appear small in the frame. An extreme size relationship is key.  Consider how obvious to a viewer’s eye the single figure will be in the image.  Some delayed reaction adds to the interest of looking at this kind of photograph and there is even an element of surprise if the scale of the place is larger than expected. Pay close attention to where the figure is places, the more off-centre, the more dynamic the composition is likely to be.


P19-A: 29mm, ISO 200, 1/50@f8

In planning this image, I knew that sooner or later somebody would lean against or over the balcony at Tate Modern.  It was therefore simply a question of pre-focusing and then waiting, with the camera to my eye and waiting.  I took several images of different people over about 30 minutes and this was the composition I most preferred as it conveys the sheer height of the chimney wall.

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