Note to self – tethered capture

This afternoon I was shooting some portraits and mid-session decided that I really needed to see them on screen to see if they were working.  It’s probably about three or four years since I last tried tethered capture and needless to say software has moved on since then.  Here’s a quick note of how to do it using Lightroom 3, therefore bypassing the Canon software that I have always found to be slightly quirky.

Tethered Capture

  1. Ensure that all the usual Canon drivers are installed.
  2. Ensure in Canon menu that the PC connect mode is selected.
  3. Endure in LR that auto import IS NOT selected – it conflicts!
  4. In LR select File/Tethered capture
  5. A menu bar will appear
  6. You can fire from the camera or the button on the menu bar
  7. Open the folder in the folders area of LR to see images as they are captured.
  8. If file/tethered capture/auto advance selection is selected then images will auto advance as captured.
  9. The image is of course captured on both the card and the hard disk. is helpful.

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