Postmodernism the best and the worst

There’s an interesting 4 page article on pages 12-15 of The Sunday Times Culture section from 4/9/11.  I can’t put a link online as The Sunday Times site is subscription only and for copyright reasons I don’t think I can post a photograph of the article online either – I’ll just have to set up a hard copy cuttings sketchbook in support of this online sketchbook!

The article has photographs of five good examples and five bad examples of postmodern architecture.  Six of the examples are in London and so I might look them up when a chance arises.  There may of course be some relevance for the buildings and space projects.  In a nutshell, the points the article makes are

  • the term ‘postmodernism’ is semantically confusing (I agree!)
  • these buildings enshrine the cult of the individual creator
  • postmodernism rapidly became corporate – especially in architecture
  • there is considerable self-conscious irony
The V&A exhibition ‘Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990‘ runs from 24/9/11 to 15/1/12 and I hope to visit.

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