Planning meets serendipity

Waiting for the tube this morning a poster, for the two-day Thames Festival, caught my eye.  Once at my desk, I visited and suddenly I can see lots of potential for the ‘people unaware’ projects.  I’ve already shortlisted a number of the events:

  • Electro Swing Speakeasy
  • Lady Luck Jive Stage
  • Magnificent Revolution Cycle-in Cinema (where the performance is powered by the spectators’ bicycles!  I’m expecting this one to be tricky to photograph!)
  • Barclaycard stage
  • Night Carnival
  • Firework finale
  • Korea Calling
  • Watch this space
  • Al Fresco Tango
  • Festival market.
I’m intending to invest a lot of time and energy in photographing this festival – particularly, as the course notes point out, because there are far fewer events to cover in the winter months.  I’ve already starting thinking through my kit list for the event and, unusually for me, I will be taking a flash gun – although whether I use it in anger remains to be seen.  I’ve also decided to take a fast f1.8 standard 50mm lens so that I can work unobtrusively in low light.  I’ll itemise my kit plan in my next post hopefully.
It’s nice that my forward planning from yesterday had coincided with the serendipity of spotting this event.  It means I’ll be carrying out some of the projects slightly out of sequence but it won’t be the first or last time for that!  Back in advance planning mode I can see that the weather is quite likely to be against me, particularly on Sunday with the BBC forecasting a thunderstorm – could be exciting.  Now for more planning – I shall be loading my shot list onto my mobile phone just to make sure that I capture everything I should!

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