Planning for People and Place

Today I put quite a few hours into planning how I will complete this course.  I’ve put together

  • a timeline for the overall course
  • assessment submission steps and deadlines
  • an initial shot list for each of the projects and assignments
  • initial thoughts on potential sitters and locations.
I’m beginning to feel more organised and raring to get stuck into the work.
I’ve also put in a couple of hours working on the structure of this learning log so that it will be easier for the reader to find the relevant content.  I’m still not completely sure that a Word document might give me more flexibility than this blog – particularly in terms of the presentation of printed content.  I will review this situation once I have some tutor feedback.
Finally, I’ve decided to create a digital sketchbook within the blog – using my phone and compact camera to capture thoughts and inspirations as I go along.  These might be about the assignments, about photography in general or indeed they may simply be matters that catch my attention.  I’m quite looking forward to seeing what I come up with!

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