Nick Turpin and Nils Jorgensen – London Street Photography Festival 2011

This exhibition is on large free standing boards within St Pancras International station.  I think that it was inspired idea to hold a street photography exhibition within what is essentially an indoor ‘street’ – you can’t help but link some of the images to what is going on around you!

I found the work of both photographers to be very witty, for example Nils Jorgensen’s image from the tube depicting a seated man’s empty shoes.  I loved his quirky shots capturing apparently disembodied body parts – a recurring theme based on this brief exhibition.  I highly recommend his website as above.

Nick Turpin’s work demonstrated to me that details count – for example the clever alignment of the broken window and a domed tower here.  Turpin also showed a nice mix of the pre-planned, (the single light in a building at night), versus that which I assumed to be totally unplanned (the feet sticking out of a car boot in Lyon) .  Again, his is a website that’s worth visiting.

Both these photographers got me thinking more about the quality of seeing that really needs to go into street photographer.  They also tipped me more towards the approach I referred to as the Cartier-Bresson in this earlier post.

Incidentally, this work prompted to buy a copy of ‘Street Photography Now‘.

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